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Clinical Products

Composites & Bonds

Xcem Ltd Composites and Bonds are tested and used in the dentistry from years and trusted by dentists. They have excellent translucency, smoothness and hardness. Xcem Ltd's Composites and Bonds are prepared from years of research and hard work.Very high quality raw materials are used for manufacturing and sophisticated quality check on each product.



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Xcem Fibre Glass Splints


  • Pre-coated and wet for Easy adaptation to tooth.
  • Blends with tooth shade
  • Metal free
  • Excellent reinforcement
  • Reinforce and strengthen for stability of teeth


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Glass Ionomers & Light Cure GI

Xcem Ltd's Glass Ionomers are one of the best product in the market. Highly translucent, sets hard, bond with tooth and used for restoration, lining and cementation purposes. Material is available in aqua-set system and power/liquid system. Products is trusted by the dentist for decades for it performance and quality.

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Impression Materials

Xcem Ltd's impression materials are developed after years of research and clinical testings.These are trusted by the dentists and laboratory technicians. A fine range of raw materials are used for manufacturing the impression materials. 
Xcem Ltd's impression materials are know for their marginal accuracy and suitability for their uses as per dentists needs. Xcem Ltd's impression materials ranged from C type impression material to A type. 
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Cements & Liners

Xcem Ltd's Cement and Liners are the one of the state of art products range in dentistry. Products have decades of history to be used in dentistry and high bio- compatibility. Xcem Ltd's Cement and Liners fits for its purpose and highly trusted by the dental professionals. A sophisticated quality control and highly trained manufacturing staff adds another level to the product quality.
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orthodontic cements

Choice of products to suit most cementing needs in orthopaedics.

Easy to apply/remove, assured bonding, fluoride release base fillers, economical in use.
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Temporary materials

Xcem Ltd Temporary materials are ranged from self curing Calcium Hydroxide based putty to light cure resin based material. All temporary materials are state of art and fulfil the intended uses as per clinicians requirements. These are highly bio-compatible and non-irritant on dentine. Xcem Ltd Temporary materials are clinically accepted and trusted by the dentists. Products have long history of use in dentistry as temporary materials.
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Dressings & Sundries

Xcem Ltd Dressings and Sundries are the state of art products. The products have decades of history of use in dentistry and highly trusted by the dentists. Products have excellent handling and easy to use.
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Sealants & Preventatives

Xcem Ltd Fissures Sealants are light cure materials. These are available in two shades opaque and transparent. Material is flow type and flow deep into the fissures and pits. The high quality glass fillers are used for the optimal flow behaviour. Products contain high ratio of fillers to reduce the shrinkage or expansion with change in mouth environment. Products have outstanding physical properties like low abrasion, high flexural strength, extremely low shrinkage, optimal wetting, perfect marginal adaptation and easy to use.
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Shop for dental products accessories from a great selection of Mixing pads, Mixing tips and hand piece lubricant & more.
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Explore and shop Xcem Ltd's  innovative endodontic solutions that increase your efficiency and offer proven predictable results. Xcem Ltd endodontics are effective for its purpose, increase your efficiency and comparatively economical.
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